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I am Harrison Wendt (he, him, his). I am twenty three years old and grew up in a diverse part of Minneapolis. I quickly learned what the word inequality meant. Let me be clear, I will never fully understand the struggles of those living in marginalized communities but I do believe that I am an expert listener and vow to advocate for those in need. I moved to Durango in August of 2017. I fell in love with Durango and its community. As much as I love this community I do see a lot of change that needs to happen within it. I have witnessed the inequalities that surround us. The racial injustice, the attacks of our LGBTQIA+, and the lack of resources for our neighbors experiencing homelessness. The inability to make a living wage along with the deep rooted heteronormative white supremacist attitude needs to change; within our community and government. I am not a long-time local but I am a passionate local who sees Durango as a forever home. I am a candidate who cares about our businesses, our environment, and our people. I am a candidate who will not sugar-coat the struggles and the change that needs to happen NOW.

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