I am running for Durango City Council to fight for BOLD structural change. To create a difference regardless of race, gender and socio-economic background. The remaking of racial, economic and environmental justice. A change that comes from compassion and the voice of Durango. A transformation that is revolutionary, and benefits the people. The time IS now.


With the leadership of Harrison, Durango will be a city:

  • For ALL working people

  • With a renewed justice system

  • That will continue to fight against environmental injustice

  • That listens to ALL people and acts on their visions

  • That protects and expands your right to affordable housing

  • With a government that leads with equality, justice, and compassion


So much of the inequality we see within our community today is because of racist government policies, most of them benefiting the wealthy, which in return exclude those living in poverty. Since government had a role in creating where we are today, government has an obligation to remedy the impacts of these policies.


There is a letter to the editor written by David Moler who brought the valid concerns of plagiarism. I want take accountability for not quoting the persons whose words I used and have recently changed to reflect that on my website. Although the words I used stand true to my values as a leader and as a future City Councilor.

So here is my accountability:

I used and did not quote many words from Minneapolis City Council Candidates. For this, I apologize to my supporters and my community. Changes have been made on my website, and I will use better judgement when using words of others in the future. Using words from BIPOC leaders for personal gain without proper credit is harmful. And displays the same characteristics of racism and white supremacist cores that we’ve seen for centuries. As always, growth starts with taking accountability.

Thank you!

Harrison Wendt

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